The blogging challenge !!!!!!!!!

student-blogging-challenge-badge-I can’t believe that the challenges almost over it were very fun to do blog. Yes I think that two week is early enough for registration because it gives people a chance to learn about blogging and all of the words. I think that these pages in the header of the blogging challenge is very useful because if you need to find something you know what you have to doing then you can just look at it.

The challenges:

1) Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?

1) When I needed to do a challenge I would just go to the Edublogs web site


2) Which challenges were the most useful?

2) I thing that the most useful post was the make an avatar because that pots would still a lot about the person because you would have to describe what you look like and what you like.


3) Which challenges were the most interesting?

3) I think that the most interesting challenges are the ones that you can pick what you write about.


4) What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?

4) I think that some other topics could be about what we are doing in school or what book’s we are reading.


5) Are more tutorial type challenges needed? E.g. how to make a link in your post

5) How to make a blogging glossary?


6) were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?

6) Yes I think that they were because you can get new ideas


7) Were the challenges where you had to embed i.e. polls, cartoons, wall wisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?

7) Yes I think that they were interesting to do the polls because you can ask any question you want.


8) Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?

8) Yes there were an enough chances to do that


9) Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular

9) I think that the challenge were great and very fun and I hope to do more blogging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY MEME !!!!!!!

xgames-logoOne thing that makes me glow with pride would be MOTOCROSS!!!!!!!

I was in grade 7 then I started to ride I would have to say that it was one of the hard thing I’ve never done so far in life. Motocross is a very hard on your body you have to carry the weight of the bike and yourself. The first time that I rode a dirt bike was a lot different then what I thought you knew that it was going to be hard but you have to have good balance and control.

 This summer I’m going to start my train to get in shape and then start racing but one day I hope to be in free -style at X GAME where my hero is TRAVIS PASTRANA he was that guy that did the double back flip at x games and I will do much better than at then I’m there.

The thing that makes me glow with pride the most is my family the are very supportive and there for me like my mom she did not want me to do motocross that all but she still tells me that I’m do great even then I scare her to dead by trying to do what I call free style. I think that it is very important to ahve a suppotite family.


This is why it makes my glow with pride, This is my Meme

Who will get the Edublogs award ?

I think that there is a lot of people should get the award but in my class I think that CRYSTAL’S blog should get the award. I love Crystal blog it is colourful and it is very easy to read and look at she keeps up with the challenges and she has post about her own thing . That is why I think Crystal’s blog should win the award!!!!!

The other blog that I would like to win is vanessascs. I think that I like her blog a lot because we like the same things so I like to read her post. Also she has same of challenges done.Vanessascs’s blog is very plain and simple and it is easy to read. This is why Vanessascs should win too!!!!

who do think should win the Edublogs award ?????

blogging glossary ?

LeafletPlanet_glossary_Yes I think that it would be handy to have a blogging glossary because I did not know what a blogging glossary was so if someone had a blogging glossary I could have just quickly looked. Also when people first get a blog they are not going to know what everything is call like a widget. This is why it would be handy to have a blogging glossary.

Do you think it would be handy?

many visitors ????

Yes I get a lot of visitors I have 618 rights now. I think that I do get a lot of visitors from other countries because most of the time that I look that my revolver map it is from another country like one time there was a visitor from Iceland and Las Vegas. I think that you need to update your blog every day and make sure that your link work and selling is good. Also should be careful of what you say you would not want to offend anyone. This is my post about many visitors.

Do you have many visitors on your blog?

I will continue blogging !!!!

blogYes I think That I will continue blogging over the summer. I think that I will because it was very fun to blog I like it is your own website and I have got a lot of visitors so they do like my blog. I think that it will be more fun to just blog about what whatever when to do the challenges. This is why I will continue to blog over the summer.

Will you ?????

My Own choice !!!!!

Something that I’m interested is MOTOCROSS/SUPERCROSS I love it!!!!!

Motocross has been in my family for years well for the boys it has been. It started with my great great grandpa he said that motocross and playing in the dirt was for boys he said that the girls were for clean, cook, and so that he did not come home to an empty house. Grandpa taught that to all kids and it went down the family and all our family there had been baby boys until ME. My dad and the family just thought that I would be a boy but I was not. When I got old enough to understand   the story I want to change it because girls can do anything that boys can do and some time better and because I can’t cook or clean. So I ask dad for a dirt bike but at first he said no so I got very mad at him. The next day he that he would get me one BUT he said that it is not easy that all and I will get a lot.

Now I have been riding for two years and it is the best thing every. It was very very hard at first I thought a lot about quite but dad would not let me he push me very hard to well in motocross and I’m glad that he did.

If you like motocross to then you should to the blog called mx girls

This is what I’m interested in what are you interested in?

My regular visitors !!!!

to my blog

to my blog

My regular visitors are from Toronto, Simcoe, and Delhi. On my blog I have a lot was visitors but not very many comment from people so that means that I have to make my post more interesting and I should comment on other people blog more to. To get more comments you should ask a question that the end of your post and thought out your post. To get more visitors on your blog you should make it look pretty and colourful and have a lot of fun widget to play with and in your post have good spelling. 

Where are your regular visitors from?

return to my previous posts

improve my posts
improve my posts

If I were to return to my previous posts I think that there is something that I could to improve on. I think that I can improve on my post about  Miss W came to your community by putting a link about long point because in that post I talk a lot about long point and about how great it was. Also I think the post about Animal migration could have been improved to. I could add a video of the butterflies flying.  Family celebrations post I could have add more detail about the stories that were told by my family. The place you would most like to go to post I could have added a link and a video about Cuba so you no more about why I would like to go to Cuba. Over all I think that my post are pretty much basic and ok but some post could and been improve.

Challenge 8 let’s play tag