Let’s save Earth !!!!

birdEnvironmental field trip that I went on was beach clean up day. It was a great day for us and the beach we went when we got to school it was grades 6, 7, 8 I think. We went to long point and we were put into groups of 3 and we were given a garbage bag and we all went around the beach pick up every piece we saw. After that we measure the bags to see how garbage was in them. Then we got pizza for lunch and then we just got to play we went down to the water and put our feet in and play football. fun fun fun day.

What part of the earth are you saving ????

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Many people do not know that the Monarch Butterfly migrates well I did not. The monarch butterfly is so pretty and it loves the spring warm weather. The Monarch fly’s over 2000 miles in the winter to get away from the cold. It is a very long trip most monarchs start fly at Canada or Northern States and they go to California, Florida, and Mexico where it is summer. When they get done fly they send most of their time resting and saving up energy for their trip back. This is my animal that migrates. I got my info from here

What do you know that migrates????

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My Family Reunion

Well my family does not have family reunions but we do get together at holidays and birthdays. We talk about mostly outdoor thing like hunting, fishing, quadding and MOTOCROSS. Then we go to get together we bring the dirt bikes and quads and we have races between everyone last year we got MOM to get on a dirt bike. The only story that I can remember is from my dad and this brother they tell stories about when they were little kids and they would race up a down there drive way on their dirt bikes and they would get in so much trouble because they would never wear hemels. Well this is what it is like then my family get  together.  

What is our like  ???

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Remembrance Day !!!!

At my school we Celebrate Remembrance Day it is very important to us. When we get to school we go into the gym with our poppies on where our teaches have set up a remembrance show for us. We watch a side show and then there are also old thing of the war that student and teaches bring in like an old picture, books, letters and one student bought in a very old uniform. Right before the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the older grades walk down town to a ceremony. Last year our school put up white wooden cross with all the names of wars on them and little Canada flags with soldiers names on then to and then we put it out in front of our school so people would see then they drove by. This is what our school dose for Remembrance Day

I hope that your school dose Remembrance Day to  !

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